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GDPR (en)

GDPR (en)

(If you have enhancement to share, please feel free to address them at rgpd@biblibre.com.)

You will find a community page about GDPR on the https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Improve_data_protection_and_patron_privacy. There are the Koha improvements in progress.

GDPR at BibLibre


For the administrators of Koha.

For the library service establishment, there are stricly necessary data: login, cardnumber, password, start date and end of subscription, registration fees or fines.You may have chosen to register additional data that are required for your service: mail, telephone, socio-professional category, date of birth, study program, etc. They are technically not required for Koha's operation. Your users need to know about it.

During subscription (and for current patrons) you must ask for free, explicit and enlightened consent to the future or current patron. We provide you an example of what it may look like, you have to adapt it. You have maybe authorized the pre-registration with the syspref PatronSelfRegistration , this case should be addressed.

Koha does not allow to request, register and manage the consent of a user. A community development is in progress. However, you can inform the user in the login interface. The syspref OpacLoginInstructions allows to configure a text that appears at the user login. When the patron is logging, he is informed of the data that is collected and for what purpose.

The provided documentation can be realized in a koha news or a document available in the file space (accessible) a URL '/ public /' via the Webdav protocol). You can also view the link to this information with the syspref opacnav , opaccredit , or opacmainuserblock .

The french page is available at this url. We will translate it depending the needs you have.